Former Real Madrid player, Esteban Granero has extended a helping hand to his country in the times of global crises.

While Spain was battered by Coronavirus and witnessed a huge number of deaths, former Real Madrid star Granero came forward to help his country with his own Artificial Intelligence company which could help predict important concerns and measures in the fight against the pandemic.
He also told CNN, “So anticipation is key for decision-making in clubs in the industry, but also in health problems like this pandemic — and, of course, inside the pitch when you are a football player.”

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AI company, Olocip offers predictive assessment in sports, but it recently assisted Spain’s efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic. The 32-year-old has moved all of its assets from football to serving to battle the outbreak.

With less knowledge about how the virus would spread throughout Europe, which areas would be affected the most and how much damage is it going to cause to life and economy, Olocip’s helpful evaluation predicted these uncertainties before the system could collapse. Olocip also proved supportive to assess when to ease the lockdown restrictions.

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