Indian Javelin thrower Annu Rani walked through difficult times and went on to become India’s first Indian woman to reach World Championship Javelin finale. Take a look at how she is an inspiration.

There is no walking away from the fact that India is growing to become a strong nation because of the incredible and amazing women that the country has. Women around a world are a symbol of strength and power and Indian women are no different. People always get to learn a lot from them. Sports are considered to be a field of power and that makes them a great example of how wonderful women are, considering the number of sportswomen who have made a name for themselves in the field. Indian Javelin Thrower Annu Rani has also played her part in making the field more worthy.

A sheer example of finding a way towards one’s dreams through the hardships, Annu Rani is a living inspiration. It was her brother who noticed that she could be a javelin thrower considering her strong upper body. He went on to train her in improving her skills and making the best out of her body strength. The training she went through was also unique. Her brother used to ask her to hurl the sugarcane in an empty field. As she started getting better at the same, she made her first javelin out f a bamboo stick as she could not afford a real one. Annu’s life as a sportsperson is interesting because while her brother supported her, her father opposed the idea of her playing a sport. But her determination and will made her father support her ultimately.

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Annu broke the record in Javelin throw in 2014 set by Gurmeet Kaur with a throw of 58.83 metres (193.0 ft) at National Inter-State Championship in Lucknow. She qualified for the Commonwealth Games with this throw and finished the game at eighth position. Later in the same year, she made it to the Asian Games and came home with a bronze medal. In 2016 she broke her own record at the 56th National Open Athletics Championships in September. She again went on to break her own record of 60.01 m at the Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championships in Patiala, Punjab with a throw of 62.43 m setting a National Record in Women’s Javelin in India.

Her story gives the perfect moral of why one should not give up on their dreams.