Euan Holden a.k.a Plane Bae proved that flight romances are not just a movie thing!

Mansi Mirani
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Plane Bae

On 3rd July, actress Rosey Blair accidentally played cupid while on a flight! And this is what happened next...

The story started when Blair asked a woman to switch seats with her so she could sit with her boyfriend. She even joked about it and told her she might meet the love of her life. Little did Blair know that her words might just fall true!

The interesting part is that the handsome "hunk" in the story is Euan Holden, a former professional football player. He has now been nicknamed as Plane Bae and that was enough for people all around the world to get hooked to the story.

The story went viral after Blair posted a thread of stories on her Twitter handle.

Here is the thread that is catching everyone’s attention:

Well Rosey, we think your wish is gonna come true real soon!

Trainers: Tick, Vegetarians: Tick, Soulmates: Tickkkk!

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Gradually, the Plane Baes were getting closer to each other.

Even babies sense love!

They just took a bathroom break. *ahem* TOGETHER!

People can already hear wedding bells. Head on the shoulder is BIG!

Also, already getting to know the families too!

And they left together happily ever after.

But behold readers, this is not the end. The Plane Bae himself has reacted to the story thread and we can all agree he is the cutest ever! Here are some of his tweets:

Plane Bae’s brother, Stu Holden, also a former professional football player, too seems as excited as everyone for his brother and the mystery woman. Check it out!

We think we can all collectively vote that this is one of the cutest love story to come across in a while. Hope they embark on a journey together. Fingers crossed!

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