Introverts share what turns them on and it's a guidebook for extroverts trying to make them OUTGOING!

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Introvert Turn Ons tweets

Ever heard of the phrase, “Introverts don’t make friends, an extrovert just adopts them!” Well, let’s just say it’s true for a reason. If the world was run by introverts, there would be no meetings or conferences or summits –it’ll probably just be a WhatsApp group with all the leaders in it! These Introvert Turn Ons tweets are the best thing on the internet today.

If you have an introvert friend, you can literally see the tension rising in them in any social situation. The more awkward they get, the more adorable they become! Although what people need to understand is that introverts are comfortable with very few people and nothing would make them happier than being left alone! That is their comfort zone.

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But Twitter’s trending #IntrovertTurnOns has finally given them an open field to say what makes them tick! And they are hilarious!

All we want is someone to listen to our thoughts!

You know what’s worse than an apocalypse in our world? GUESTS!

Fandoms, Conspiracy Theories, High School Gossip –our brain runs in all directions and we are happy in our own company!

A hot mug of your favorite beverage on a rainy day with a book –could anyone ask for more?

Who said introverts can’t party? And who said a party needs to have people?

Give us a platform and we’ll show who’s really savage!

There’s beaches, mountains, birds and nature, and then there are libraries. That’s truly heaven on Earth!

Yes, a million times, YES! I will gladly marry you!

10 minutes? There might be an extra zero there!

Wanna see the real bullies? Yeah, you’d find them in a corner, observing you. Creepy much?

Guy: Looks in your general direction.

Introvert: He must totally be in love with me!

I’m not a Grammar Nazi, I’m just Grammar Conscious.

*not here, not here, not here* *person turns* PHEW!

In the dark because God forbid another human should see you and start walking towards you.

And in the end, the biggest secret!

Yeah, we totally don’t think about those two words for the entire day!

Well extroverts, we hope this worked as a “How to make an introvert Happy” handbook for you! And introverts, we know you are still laughing at this!

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