WTF just got a new meaning – What The Fluff!

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The internet is currently swamped with hilariously cute videos of dogs getting fooled by the #WhatTheFluff Challenge.

A new viral challenge, known as #WhatTheFluff has given us lots and lots of adorable videos of pets. The challenge is pretty simple and fun to accomplish. All you require is a door and a towel or blanket. To get your dog completely confused, you need to grab their attention and then disappear from behind the cloth!

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The pet videos being uploaded are getting too many ‘love reactions’ and ‘awwws’ around the world. This is clearly one of the cutest and stress relieving challenges to come across social media in a long while. The bewildered look on the dogs’ faces and the frantic search that follows after is too funny to not share.

Reaction of every kid in the world when they lose their mother in the super market!

Some even tried it with their children!

Whoa! Where’s my Mommy?

The tables have turned in the #WhatTheFluff Challenge!

The dog on the other side: Just look to the other side bro,wyd?

He has to be around here somewhere, right?

What sort of magic is this?

The way she got scared is hilarious!

*rolls eyes* Yeah, IDGAF.

The best about the challenge is that the fails are even more funnier!

We hope these little munchkins lit up your day as they did ours! Dogs are truly the best gift to humans, aren’t they?

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