Twitter memes the hell out of Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge video

Mohammad Kanchwala
Jun 13, 2018 13:40 IST
Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge memes

Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge memes are here and we're not complaining. Like AT ALL. In fact we love Twitter more now

It is an established fact by now that Twitter will meme the crap out of anything, and when it’s Narendra Modi doing some legitimately questionable body movements and passing them off as exercise for the Fitness Challenge, you can be sure Twitter was going to have a great day.

Considering the fact that Narendra Modi is an insanely divisive subject for the Twitter janta, and the fact that his actions are closely watched by the entire world, anything he does has the potential to turn into a meme trend. Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge video was obviously not ignored by Twitter’s unforgiving ‘meme republic’.

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While the Right Wing on Twitter was busy applauding the Prime Minister for ‘inspiring’ them to be fit, the more neutral and Left Wing faction on Twitter decided to have some(read- a lot) fun. As the Fitness Challenge hashtag trended all over the country since this morning, the memes have not stopped flooding in.

Of course, we do not endorse any of these but here are some of the most creative applications of Narendra Modi’s Fitness Challenge video on Twitter that turned him into the meme of the day.


BTW, HD Kumaraswamy had this to say about Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge to him.

We're not saying anything though. Our fitness challenge is not taking sides.

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