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Priyanka Gandhi

January 23rd, INC Sandesh, Congress’s official account tweeted the announcement of General Secretaries of AICC (All India Congress Committee) which marked the appointment of Priyanka Gandhi as the General Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka is not a stranger to politics she has aided her mother Sonia Gandhi’s campaign in 2004 General Elections also supervised Rahul Gandhi's campaign in the Amethi Rae Bareilly region. And now Priyanka will be officially exercising her powers from February 2019.

This is her first step towards forefront politics, contesting in Uttar Pradesh along with Jyotiraditya. Amidst hurly-burly of upcoming general elections, this declaration will help Congress combat the pressure of BJP and SP-BSP in the UP region which contributes 80 seats to Lok Sabha.

Here are 6 lesser-known facts about the lady whose proclamation into Active Politics has sent India into a frenzy :

  • She delivered her first public speech at the age of 16

Priyanka Gandhi young

  • She helped in revamping Congress's image when her mother became President of the party

Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi

  • Her husband Robert Vadra, is actually her childhood friend too.

Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra

  • She is a follower of Buddhism and has done her MA in Buddhist studies


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  • She is a photography enthusiast and loves to cook


  • She herself believes she is a lot like her grandmother Indira Gandhi, the iron lady of India

Priyanka Gandhi and Indira Gandhi

Tell us below if her much speculated entry into politics will change the game for Congress or no.


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