Food is a way to carry culture around the globe. And when it comes to art, food doesn’t even have to be real. Here is a list of eye-pleasing anime foods moments!

Anime has seen a rise in India in recent years and it has become a great medium that’s introducing Japanese culture at a global level. No one can deny that some of the credit for its popularity goes to the eye-pleasing animation. The details, creativity, and diversity make it extra appealing. Even the food in anime looks appealing and delicious. You may not eat as much as Naruto, Goku, or Luffy but you have to admit that anime foods do make you drool.

Food is an important element if you want to understand the culture. And anime has influenced fans so much that people know what food is actually popular among Japanese people. You may have never tried Sushi, Ramen, Teriyaki, Yakisoba, Dango, or Onigiri but you have heard or seen them all at some point in time. We didn’t actually care about anime details as kids and we never actually wondered why they eat a lot of rice balls and Onigiri in the children’s show. We didn’t know what it actually is but we knew that people in Japan eat rice balls. Thus, subconsciously we were aware of different cultures through animation. But most of the credit goes to detailing when it comes to animating food in anime and here is some eye-pleasing anime foods that would make you drool!

Check it out!

Anime: Mary and the witch’s flower

Anime: When Marnie Was There

Anime: Weathering with you

Anime: Your Name

Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

Anime: Children Who Chase Lost Voices and Only Yesterday 

Anime: Emiya -san Chi Kyou No Gohan

 Anime: Flavours of Youth

Anime: Garden of words

Anime: Ride Your Wave

Which of these do you remember?

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