GIFs are fun and games, but can teach you a tonne too! Here we bring you a few to teach you how fact-check ‘news’ you get on WhatsApp

We have all forwarded messages without thinking at some point or the other, especially if it were about something in close proximity. However, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have got the memo that forwarding messages can be harmful.

So, taking a cue from the Mumbai Police, here we bring you 10 ways to fact-check ‘news’ you get on WhatsApp. Notice how we say ‘news’ and not news. It’s because you must treat all information you get on WhatsApp with great scrutiny. Here’s how.

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Received ‘news’ about violence in town on WhatsApp? Call 100, confirm from cops

Will cops think you are up to mischief? No. Trust them. Help them. Report to them.

Check if local media has covered it or someone influential has put something up

No. If you tweet it out to confirm, even to cops, you are spreading it inadvertently

If you are not able to independently confirm if it’s true, DO NOT HIT FORWARD

What is the motive of the message you just received? Go full Sherlock on it!

Question self: Would a certain group have to pay the price if this ‘news’ spreads?

Warn and educate your acquaintances against forwarding such messages

Can you sense hate speech? Delete. Doesn’t matter who sent it to you. Delete!

Lastly, shut it all out. Take a break. Keep your mental health first. Always.

Bonus: Now you are ready to take on the world, one WhatsApp message at a time!