Family content like Happy Family, Gulmohar, Potluck 2 is bringing families back to the dinner table!

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Recent family content releases on OTT have made us realize how much we miss sitting down together as a family to watch a show we're all enjoying.

Just like a look into a music playlist of someone tells us a lot about a person same way the OTT apps these days also tell us a lot about that person. Because we have all gone into our private shells and made our own universes of watching rather than it being a shared experience. And while that's okay though there is the point of missing that experience of watching something with your family together at dinner time. And with the lack of quality content on national television, most of us either end up watching reality shows like KBC, Shark Tank, Masterchef, Indian Idol, and some more with family or we end up watching our content separately on our respective devices today.

And while there existed other content once in a while that we could tune into yet it was only after content a series of content like Happy Family Conditions Apply (Prime Video), Gulmohar (Disney+Hotstar), Potluck (SonyLIV), Kanjoos Makhichoos (Zee5), and more light-hearted family dramas that we realized the need for family content that makes us feel the joy of watching something together as a family on a regular basis. Why? Because they perfectly balance this innate need within all of us to feel like our real life is a bit film-like and films to be a bit like real life. These movies and shows are so relatable and helped every family member escape their individual drama together rather than in silos.

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What I love about these movies and shows is that they don't intellectualize or become too serious, real, and dramatically out of touch. They're light-hearted, warm, and hilarious with their portrayal of the real struggles of a desi family that doesn't have ever-lasting resolutions. This ends up making you relate even further while making you realize the harsher and bitter truths in the easiest consuming fashion. Like how much you want to make your parents proud and how your relationship changes with them when you grow up or how the same rules that apply to us also apply to them. The most common theme in all these series is the three-generation interactions and the tussle that we get to see in all of their relationships which produces massive drama and humor.

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The tumultuous journey of a parent-child, or husband-wife relationship is ever-changing with various phases of life and these series give us more insight into them thereby helping us understand where people in our own families are coming from. It helped to have characters who are mothers going back to work or finding an identity or just being awesome housemakers, adopted sons, father-son/ mother-daughter relationships, retired fathers, young women, and couples finding that work-life balance. Like Gulmohar's Indira felt like my mother and Baa from Happy Family is the ultimate Hindi Moira Rose I needed for my comebacks inspiration! I could easily relate to most children in these shows and movies.

It's amazing how each of these films or shows makes me just want to say 'Have you met my family before?' even though the setups don't look the same. Because I can't find a single family member who doesn't sound like one of these characters onscreen. And I can bet you can too even though different than each other but there are grandparents who are cool as well as the backbone of the families while there are parents who with their own friendship-cum-husband-wife relationship struggle and tussle with children as well as an elder child trying too hard to keep everyone and themself happy while the younger one a free bird with struggles of their own. And of course the extended family so technically within all these contents you'll find all sorts of characters just like your own family.

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With Gulmohar, I found an Indian This Is Us that I could truly enjoy with my Hindi content watching family and my heart was filled. With Potluck, apart from the women in my family going crazy over their amazing house decor and crockery, we found a chill show that we could all understand and enjoy. With Happy Family Conditions Apply, after ages, my family and I found a show that made us laugh until our stomachs hurt and tears came out of our eyes.

It's nice to see that apart from TVF and Dice Media shows like Panchayat, Gullak, and Ghar Wapsi among others, we now have something so truly enjoyable and special with such family content that brings us all back from our private cocoons of watching something alone to a shared one on the dining table where laughter, food, discussions, and even tears live together!

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