Recently, we took to Instagram to ask you which creators should have their own movie and here’s what you had to say!

We’ve started using our smartphones like a TV and social media platforms work like different channels that we scroll through. We get bored of one and we switch to another. The amount of content that we scroll past online is almost equivalent to the shows and movies that we watch. It’s safe to say that there’s so much entertainment that there’s no space for boredom here. Digital creators like Dolly Singh, Ankush Bahuguna, and Carry Minati have been in the digital space creating their own unique and hilarious content for quite some time, and over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some Gen Z creators like Viraj Ghelani and Archit also share their unique perspectives on everyday struggles and win the internet over.

Digital creators are nothing short of celebrities in this digital space. What makes their content different from each other is the authenticity with which they share their own stories. While we’ve seen Dolly Singh in Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, and Prajakta Koli in Mismatched, we’d love to see what a TV show or movie dedicated to all these creators would look like! We decided to ask you which creator should have their own movie or TV show in your opinion and the response was mindboggling.

Check it out!

Dolly Singh

Prajakta Koli

Awez Darbar

Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati

Sushant Divgikar

Kusha Kapila

Viraj Ghelani

Ankush Bhauguna

Komal Pandey

Manav Chabbra


Unnati Malharkar

Supriya Joshi

Saurabh Ghadge

Diksha Rawat

Shibani Bedi

Kareema Berry


Ashi Khanna

Srishti Dixit

Tanmay Bhat

Rishab Chawal

Sanket Mehta

Tanzeel Khan

Masoom Minawala

Sakshi Sindhwani


Vishnu Kaushal

Flying beast and family


Juhi Godembe

Karan Sareen

Madhosh Mushan

Yuvraj Dua

Aashna Hegde

Now, this is the kind of content we’d never get tired of streaming!

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