Content creators on becoming part of runway shows and bringing inclusivity

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Isn't it amazing how the reach of social media has democratized access to the fashion world? We had a chat with Mansi Ugale, Sunny Pandey, and Riya Kohli to understand the whole thing better.

In recent years, attending major fashion events has become an integral part of the influencer ecosystem and we can see an integral shift happen in the industry during this time. Social media influencers are not only attending these but some also walk the ramp for well-renowned designers. Considering the meteoric rise of social media influencers, these events have come a long way from being exclusive industry gatherings to must-attend showcases for fashion influencers who want to establish credibility within the fashion community.

The symbiotic relationship between influencers and fashion events is growing stronger reshaping the whole fashion landscape. Influencers are leveraging their platforms to provide real-time coverage, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and trend analyses, while the events benefit from increased visibility and engagement. This convergence of digital influence and traditional fashion platforms not only amplifies brand reach but also democratizes access to the fashion world. We want to understand it better through the lens of creators who recently attended Lakme Fashion Week. We asked Mansi Ugale, Riya Kohli and Sunny Pandey their thoughts on what attending fashion events like Lakme Fashion Week means to them as fashion influencers and ultimately to the industry. 

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Mansi Ugale and Sunny Pandey recently attended the Lakme Fashion Week. In a chat with us, they shared their own experience. 

Mansi Ugale said, "Lakme Fashion Week is one of the fashion events I look forward to every year. The environment is filled with style, creativity, and endless possibilities for opportunities. The excellent designers create unique pieces, and every outfit tells a story. As a content creator, I get to experience this magic and get very excited to develop my style and confidence to show what makes me unique and celebrate the diversity of fashion. Lakme Fashion Week is a great place to meet and know people, from designers and models to my lovely content creator friends. We also get to see iconic moments in fashion in front of our eyes. It's the perfect space for setting trends and supporting each other. Lastly, I love dressing up and seeing others express themselves, which makes it an ideal place to grow, create, and shine."

Sunny Pandey shares how he perceives these events. He adds, "Lakme Fashion Week isn't just your average runway event—it's the Coachella of the fashion world, minus the flower crowns but with an abundance of cutting-edge style. It's where fashion aficionados come to level up their expertise and broaden their audience reach in one glamorous swoop. From mesmerizing runway spectacles to exclusive designer collaborations and behind-the-scenes buzz, the content possibilities are endless—a golden opportunity to captivate your audience with every strut and stitch. Moreover, being at Fashion Week isn't just about rubbing elbows with industry insiders; it's about seizing the chance to be a trend-spotting trailblazer. Armed with insider knowledge of upcoming trends, influencers can curate trend-setting content that cements their status as fashion mavens, setting the pace for style enthusiasts worldwide."

But we wonder, how the presence of influencers in these events matters. What impact do they create and is there more to it than we see? We asked Riya Kohli the same and she said, "As fashion influencers, attending industry events is an important aspect of staying updated with evolving brands and trends. It’s not just about our personal style; we serve as the bridge between fashion shows and the broader community. It's our responsibility to share insights on what we've seen and loved, extending the reach of these fashion experiences to a crowd wider than just the people who get to attend the shows. While trends are initiated by designers, influencers, or culture, it’s ultimately the adoption by the community that solidifies them- which clearly shows the importance of the broader audience. Additionally, these events offer valuable opportunities for us to engage directly with brands as well as other influencers and industry professionals, nurturing a sense of community and opening doors for new opportunities. By staying informed and sharing our knowledge, we contribute to benefiting both brands and consumers, enriching the fashion community as a whole."

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