LFW X FDCI 2024: Sushant Divgikar showstopping for ITRH to creators presenting for Geisha Designs, here's what happened so far

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Be it Mallika Dua joining Urvashi Kaur's 15 years in the industry celebration or Sushant Divgikar bringing out the queen energy on the ramp, here's what happened over the last 3 days at LFW X FDCI 2024.

One must not know the fashion world to be excited to learn everything new. Fashion Weeks have become a gateway for anyone eager to up their fashion minds and satisfy their inner Miranda Priestly. After much wait, India's very own Lakme Fashion Week in collaboration with FDCI (Fashion Design Council Of India) is back with 100 designers, brands & industry stakeholders. The five-day fiasco showcases collections from well-known and budding designers bringing out their couture magic. 

Like last year, LFW also became an arena for people from the creator economy to become part of it and use their digital presence to have people talk about each collection and brands involved in the show. This year was no different, as multiple creators from across genres were present, as their fellow creators walked the ramp for designers. While creators brushed their clout on the top designs, Sejal Kumar worked closely with LFW X FDCI for their Creator Program. She was the judge picking the three winners as part of the program that allowed them to become the official content creators for the entire event. This year's winners were Monalisha Singh, Priyaa Kumar and Kushi Kumar.

Talking about being part of the digital celebrities walking the walk, Sushant Divgikar bedazzled in gold while opening and being the showstopper for Mohit Rai and Ridhi Bansal's ITRH. The collection called ANKH is all about when ancient Egypt meets Indian allure. Suruj aka Glorious Luna walked for Urvashi Kaur's collection U’Core as part of the celebration of sustainable fashion. Mallika Dua was also part of the exuberant ensemble for Urvashi Kaur's collection The Voices. The collection is not only part of the designer celebrating 15 years but also something that raises a toast to incredible muses who have impacted lives with their work.

Sanket Mehta walked for Four Figr's at LFW's ALL YOU CAN STREET show. The show was about bringing 11 Indian street brands and showing off the creative, robust minds in the fashion world. Unnati, Sukhneet Wadhwa, Sukhmani Gambhir and Pooja also walked the ramp representing Geisha Designs' collection this year. The collection called The Elemental Symphony, draws inspiration from the fundamental elements of nature—Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Cosmos. Meanwhile, creators did not fail to show their presence at the events including Nikhil Khandhari, Riya Jain, Chintan Rachh, Jeet Tailor, Subojeet, Manav Chhabra and many more.

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Here's a little rundown of glimpses we caught -

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LFW X FDCI 2024 creators at LFW X FDCI 2024