From our screens to the runway, Manav Chhabra and Nancy Tyagi talk to us about being content creators at fashion events

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With fashion weeks kicking off as the world is celebrating every design from Paris Couture Week, we talk to Manav Chhabra and Nancy Tyagi to understand what it feels like to be a content creator at fashion events.

Watching creators at fashion weeks is exciting, but what does it mean for influencers to be a part of them? Discussions on the requisite of content creators being present or even walking the ramp at major events have been up for debate for a while now. Creators have had their share of being looked down upon until recently after people realized the power that the industry holds. The term ‘influencers’ was used as a joke, invalidating all the knowledge that they might hold when it comes to the field they love. Despite the wider reach of fashion, popular fashion events were always considered to be quite exclusive. Fashion enthusiasts had to wait for fashion magazines and FTVs to get all the details on a designer's latest collection. This has changed with influencers becoming a part of the process, giving their million followers live exclusives from the shows.  

Manav Chhabra has been a part of fashion events, where he's walked the ramp and attended a few by representing brands or the content creator community. He recognizes how these fashion events are more than just glamorous spectacles. When asked what these fashion events mean to him as a content creator, he said, "They represent a unique opportunity to shape and influence the industry. By being present at these events, we can make fashion more representative and relevant to our audience, ultimately influencing their purchasing decisions. Through our platforms, we can bridge the gap between fashion and culture, leading to meaningful conversations and the amplification of brand images.”

Nancy Tyagi, on the other hand, sees fashion events as more than just a glamorous space and something that helps her connect with fellow creators who share the same/similar passion. "Networking at these events refreshes my mind and offers a new approach to my work. Interacting with like-minded individuals in the same field sparks a flow of fresh ideas that invigorate my creative process."

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She is also known to make the best out of the ordinary. Turning an old article of clothing into a designer piece, she was able to stir conversations on the internet for how creative she is. Nancy also mentions how her main goal was always to highlight her skills and dedication. We asked her why she started attending these events and here's what she mentioned, "I've been exposed to new perspectives and ideas, enriching my approach to content creation. It's incredible to witness how these experiences are not only expanding my horizons but also influencing the way I showcase my talent."
Manav started off doing lip-sync videos and has grown to create content around fashion and lifestyle. His online presence has taken him to various global platforms, broadening his horizons. Seeing him at multiple fashion events makes you wonder if that has always been a part of his content creation radar. He mentioned how he considers them as an essential part of his journey. He highlights how they serve as a wellspring of inspiration, allowing him to capture the latest trends, the grandeur, and the stories that unfold on the digital catwalk. “By immersing myself in the world of fashion, I can craft compelling and relatable content that resonates with my audience, bringing the essence of each event to life through my work.”

The internet has always had people arguing if fashion influencers do belong at these events. If anything, their presence disregards the industry’s behavior to gatekeep the same for the general public in the wake of wanting to keep the exclusivity alive. Today, creators have become an inseparable part of events, taking their seats in the front row and walking the ramp to take the designer’s vision to a larger audience with their platform. Nancy's experience attending fashion-centric events always showed how fashion influencers were an integral part of it. "Since fashion is my main domain, I've had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals at these gatherings. Looking ahead, if I find myself in events encompassing creators from various genres, it might feel a bit different initially. However, I believe that everyone tends to ease up to the crowd when they discover someone they can vibe with. Perhaps, in the future, I'll get to experience that diverse environment and seamlessly get on with the day."

Regardless of the reach and engagement that they bring to the table, the fashion industry has a prejudice against them. Something that constantly reminds them of being the outsider that they are. Manav agrees to feel left out at these events that were once a domain only for people exclusively working in the fashion industry. But he manages to look at the bright side, feeling gratitude for getting the chance to be invited and share space with people who have something new to share. "It's like stepping into a whole new world of style and creativity. The vibe is electric, and being part of this shift is both exciting and humbling. It shows how different voices are making their mark, and it's cool to be part of that change."

As content creators make their presence everywhere, what do you think, should they be a part of major global events? Let us know in the comments below.

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