5 creator-friendly ways to make your fashion more eco-friendly!

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Eco-friendly fashion

Looking to refresh your wardrobe without harming the planet? Here are five simple yet impactful ways to make your fashion choices more eco-friendly.

Fast fashion has its own set of reasons for its immense popularity. Its main allure stems from the rapid pace it sweeps through the fashion industry, introducing flashy trends at remarkably low prices. And it's not surprising how these enticing perks often overshadow the detrimental consequences they bring to the environment. The urge to constantly seek the next best thing and to move from one item to another is a natural human inclination. However, what should be appreciated is the ability to resist this urge without neglecting to understand the consequences of our consumption behavior.

Knowing that somewhere there are mountains of discarded clothes piling up in landfills, toxic dyes seeping into rivers, and the further harm it is causing, we need to understand that having a new outfit for every occasion is not all that necessary. All those trendy outfits that look great on Instagram, are a disaster behind the scenes, wreaking havoc on our planet. It's encouraging to see more people recognizing the need to comprehend the consequences of their overconsumption and advocating for regulation and better alternatives. Fashion stands out as one of the leading contributors to global landfill waste and we must take decisive action to address this issue. Monitoring your shopping habits isn't as challenging as it seems, and becoming part of the solution can be simpler than you think. We have listed out a few practices that can help you be more mindful of your shopping choices. Thanks to social media and the reach and influence of content creators, people are becoming aware and also promoting sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. 

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Here are some ways to be more aware of your fashion choices:

Thrift your way through! 

Thrift shopping is buying affordable and pre-owned clothes and accessories from a second-hand store. It's a great way to find some hidden gems to add to your wardrobe. 

Invest in a capsule wardrobe instead! 

Is your wardrobe piled up with clothes you rarely wear and regret buying? This might be a sign that you should pay more attention to buying quality pieces or building a capsule wardrobe with clothes that you can wear differently on different occasions.  

Research the brand you're buying from

For going eco-friendly with your fashion, it is also important for you to research about the brands you are buying from. Make sure that they support sustainable practices. 

Upcycling can be an option

Apart from being eco-friendly, opting for upcycling your clothes can be a chance for you to breathe new life into your old favorite fits. 

Rent or Borrow! 

Not everyone wants to repeat an outfit on special occasions and buying something for a day can feel expensive to some. In such situations, nothing is as cost-effective and convenient as renting or borrowing! 

What's your favorite shopping tip? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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