Bring in the scares with these Halloween makeup looks!

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Halloween makeup looks

Jaw-dropping would not just be an expression, you can actually do it this season going by these creator Halloween makeup looks. Check out some of our favorites!

Jump scares and blood in all its 'gory', Halloween is back and people are excited to turn themselves into a character straight out of a horror movie. Halloween has always been a big deal in the West, but with cultures crossing boundaries, it has turned out to be what Indians also look forward to. Many might still have zero idea of what the festival is all about and they could care less, especially when they get the chance to dress up as a character and attend parties. The people who tend to shine the most during this spooky season are beauty influencers who bring out their big guns when it comes to makeup.

They are willing to go full gore and ditch their everyday makeup look for a more menacing and terrifying look. Right from the scary NUN from horror movies to the most gut-wrenching bloodied face or even the classic skull, these beauty creators are not afraid to test out their creativity and we are all in for it. But with Indian beauty creators also giving Halloween a try, we also have many choosing iconic characters like Monjulika among others as something that people can dress up as for their Halloween parties. If you are one of those who want to prepare for the season, check out these Halloween makeup looks for some much needed inspo!

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These makeup looks are scary and boo-tiful at the same time!

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Halloween Halloween makeup Halloween makeup looks