15 horror movies and shows that will gear you up for Halloween 2022

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15 horror movies and shows that will gear you up for Halloween 2022

Watch these horror movies and shows that will mentally prepare you for Halloween 2022

There are two types of people: those that live, breathe and love horror and those who get shivers just thinking about watching scary movies. The feeling of watching horror movies and shows at 3 am is something we dark copers can never get over. Even though they leave us haunted for years we still watch them for entertainment and watching them during Halloween is a part of the cult. Some people love scary content so much that they laugh while watching it, I know it's crazy. However, you never watch horror movies and shows with people like it's almost illegal to watch them with your friends. They are made so we can watch them alone and be traumatized for years. Halloween 2022 is gonna be scary AF and we are all here for it

Over the years, we've watched so much horrifying content that the characters are still haunting us in our sleep. While a movie like Raat is still chasing us in our dreams, such movies did leave an impact on us. Writers and directors of this genre are exceptionally brilliant because it's not easy to scare someone through visuals. Being a dark coper myself, I remember being horrified while watching Annabelle as a kid, and tbh I still am! Watching dolls come to life onscreen is probably going to be my guilty pleasure for good.

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If you're like me, here are some movies you might like!

Annabelle (Netflix)

Raat (Zee5)

IT (Amazon Prime Video)

Fear Files (Zee5)

13B: Fear Has a New Address (Disney + Hotstar)

The Conjuring (Netflix)

1920 (Amazon Prime Video)

Vaastu Shastra (Mx Player)

Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai (Disney + Hotstar)

Veerana (Youtube)

Darna Zaroori Hai (Sony Liv)

Aahat (Disney + Hotstar)

American Horror Story (Netflix)

Krishna Cottage (Amazon Prime Video)

Orphan (Amazon Prime Video)

Which of the movies and shows gave you a nightmare? Let us know in the comments!

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