Halloween makes more sense when you are enjoying your treats while you get chills down your spine. We have listed down horror web series to binge-watch this Halloween season.

You can’t really enjoy the Halloween season if you are not truly scared. Halloween brings with it the spirit of excitement and creativity within us. A time to enjoy your treats while you get a good scare. Although life never fails to scare us (Monday, for instance!), we love to be scared on Halloween. All we do the entire day is binge-watch our favourite series, but this Halloween we have a reason to go on a movie marathon. We are all familiar with a number of horror movies that you can binge-watch. There are also some web series that will give you the ultimate chills. We have listed down horror web series¬†to watch this season.

Here are the horror web series you can watch this Halloween:


Bates motel


Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond


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Barot House

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Don’t blink


Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit?