These offbeat fashion inspiration videos by Siddharth Batra are epic

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Check out fashion influencer, Siddharth Batra's offbeat fashion inspirations videos that will make you want to revamp your closet.

Fashion is becoming more gender-neutral by the day with no piece of cloth being attached to one particular gender anymore. Today, we have fashion bloggers who are trying to prove this point with their incredible styling tips. Siddharth Batra easily makes it to the top of this list with his unconventional fashion choices. For a cis Indian man, Siddharth has been able to break stereotypes with the type of content that he creates. Fashion for him is a way of expressing his persona and no classification of what a man can or cannot wear stops him from that. His offbeat fashion inspiration series is a great example of that.

Siddharth is proof that nothing defines how manly a man can be. And that wearing makeup or your girlfriend's clothes will most definitely not reduce your masculinity. His style amplifies the idea that clothes do not have a gender and it is upon a person on what they wish to wear. From leather jackets to crop-tops, wearing statement necklaces to painting his nails, Siddharth is encouraging his followers to embrace their true personalities and show it off to the world with the way they dress. The ease with which he carries himself is so inspiring and his videos literally make us want to revamp our closets.

His videos are the proof of what we are saying

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