With another week coming to an end, we have rounded up some amazing looks of creators from the week.

Although the pandemic hasn’t given us any reason to dress up or be festive, sometimes our work from home schedule demands us to dress up. Besides that, we can also wear our best outfits at home to feel good about ourselves. Do you know of another reason to dress up at home? To click good selfies to put up on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Have you ever wondered with the whole #stayathome mandate how celebrities would be spending their time? I mean their lives revolve around styling, fashion trends, and whatnot. With this new normal, content creators, fashion bloggers and celebrities have provided us with a window into their lives with Instagram being the new paparazzi. Here’s what your favourite creators were wearing through the week!

Let’s take some inspiration for our next wardrobe makeover from these creators on Instagram.

Komal Pandey

Deeksha Khurana

Santoshi Shetty

Gia Kashyap

Juhi Godambe

Kritika Khurana

Aashna Shroff

Akanksha Redhu

Aakriti Rana

Masoom Minawala Mehta

Karron D Dhinggra

Which of these trends are your favourite?

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