Trump Calls Modi The Father Of India And Twitter Can't Stop Making Memes

Smrithi Mohan
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Father of India

People make memes on PM Narendra Modi as US President Donald Trump calls him the Father of India.

Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi has been in the news even more than usual for a certain 'Father of India' comment post his recent 'Howdy, Modi' visit in Huston, Texas where he was accompanied by the US President Donald Trump. Modi worked his charm and captivated a crowd of 50,000 NRI Indians in a foreign land. He went on to introduce Trump to the Indian audience gathered there with his classic "Ab ki baar Trump sarkar" promising Trump with a huge vote bank. It was an interesting affair to see two world leaders together on the same stage praising each other.

It was a great deal for Indians as one of their political leaders was welcomed in a foreign land with great love and respect. But the PM is now in the news for a different reason. At a recent press conference, when President Trump was asked how his chemistry with PM Modi is, he said that it is good and that Modi brought India together which he remembers as very torn. He, later on, suggested that Modi should be called the Father Of India.

The people in India, however, could not take it and desi Twitter went crazy over it.

Here are some memes that people shared after Trump's Father of India comment:

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Which one gave you the most lols? Tell us in the comments.

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