PM Modi's Address In Houston Led To A Lot Of Chatter On Twitter

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It was last week that the news of POTUS, Donald Trump, joining PM Narendra Modi's address in Houston, Texas gave rise to a giant Tweet storm. Over 50,000 people were expected to arrive at the community programme to witness PM Modi's address. As scheduled, the event took place on 22nd September and received a 'global event' status for its unprecedented nature with two of the world's most influential leaders coming together. Prime Minister Modi's oratory skills have always worked their charm on his devout followers in India and looks like it had quite the effect on the large group that had arrived to watch him speak.

PM Modi's address stirred quite the storm on Twitter last evening as well. From the U.S.A. investing billions of dollars in India to building long term relations with the States to even major negative implications, the expected outcome of this event covered a wide range of hopes and concerns at the same time.

Here's what the chatter on Twitter was like after PM Modi's address:

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