Check out all the updates from your favourite influencers over the weekend

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Spent another week trying out different dishes or washing dishes? Check out how your favourite influencers kept themselves entertained over the weekend.

While we are house-arrested for the good, our creators have also revamped their content accordingly. With their undying spirit and passion for their work, another weekend passed where we saw our favourite influencers slaying social media as usual.

Everyone has found their own way to keep the wave of optimism flowing over the internet, the creators have something amusing to offer every time. Watch their attention-grabbing content and draw some inspiration to try these through the week.

Take a look at how your influencers spent their crazy weekend in their own happy ways:

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what my #workfromhome looks like ? . I miss my travels, so did a fun video around what goes on in mind especially at nights dreaming about the times we can travel again. The only travel i’m doing right now is inside my soul? . . I had such a cool vision to make this video, but handling the projector, the camera shutter, etc all on your own is not very easy I realised lol, not really very happy with the outcome but I think practise makes a man perfect! Next video with my projector will be cooler?♥️ . . . #larsavideos #larsacreatives #travel #wearetravelgirls #cntraveller #traveltheworld #travelstoke #travelvlogger #travelfromhome #wanderlust #girlvsglobe #thatsdarling #earthpix

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Bloopers. ? He won’t ever follow the steps.

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The music sounds better with youuu ? I owe today’s makeup idea to Pinterest, and music to TikTok ? Someone suggested a pink and white eye, so that’s what I did for Day 6 of creating makeup looks that y’all wanna see! Products used : @lorealparis Infallible foundation shade 103 @maybelline Age Rewind Concealer shade Light @maccosmeticsindia Gingerly Blush @lorealparis Matte Signature Pink Eyeliner @colourpopcosmetics White Liquid Eyeliner (if you’re looking for one available in India, try NYX) @lorealparis Lash Paradise Mascara @hudabeautyshop Liquid Lipstick in Wifey . Blazer and denims @zara Crop top @boohoo Necklace @missguided Song - Music Sounds Better With You by Neil Frances

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// I grew up in a joint family. The first 13 years of my childhood were spent living with 10 people under the same roof & when I visited my Nani’s home every summer, there were an odd 20 people under the same roof. I was surrounded by loved ones in abundance, constant bickering, continuous vessel clanking, persistent giggling & unannounced hugs. This was life as I knew it, and safe to say, I LOVED IT. 25 years in & I moved to Europe with my husband where if you spotted someone on the same street as you, it was your lucky day. It was a life of well-being, of reflection, but one of solitude. I changed from a complete homebody into the plan-maker. I needed to be around people. It was my sanity, and after all, it was life as I knew it. But sooner than I thought, the realisation hit that the only comfort we really seek, is the one within ourselves. Life has a strange way of constantly evolving, moving, flowing, and the one that thing that remains unceasing, is that relationship with ourselves. We all will come to a point in our lives, and it could be during the highest high or the lowest of lows, when the only way we can save ourselves is by embracing, well, us. I am sharing this video with you today because of this song. It has been my saving grace in some of my darkest hours. I had so much to be grateful for & yet this shift in environment had left a gaping void in my being. The feeling would come announced when Shailin was travelling or it was my 3rd night alone in a hotel room in an unknown city attending a fashion event. This song pulled me through. Yes, the graph of my life had physically changed but I wasn’t going to let external factors affect how I felt internally. This song tells me, and quite blatantly too, that life is what we make it. It reminds me of the warmth of my mothers arms & it reminds me to keep going. It reminds me of the power of faith and the unseen and above it all, it reminds me to be true to myself. After all, its not a destination, it’s a journey of self-love ❤️?? - Song: Achutam Keshavam, @shreyaghoshal (Not a professional dancer, this is my passion & escape. Choreographed by @aksheeta) ?

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