After some training of being able to sleep anywhere to exploring every part of your house, its time we try something new. Take a look and try out these favourite series character outfits by some of the bloggers online.

We can all agree, one good thing that came out of this quarantine and lockdown period is us getting to tick all our favourite series that we had in our watch list for some time now. In a way, this lockdown came as a blessing from the holy OTT gods who wanted us to binge-watch some of the amazing series online. But, there is always stuff we keep looking for in order to do apart from sitting in front of the TV and falling asleep. Well, if you have not joined the bandwagon of the overly pumped up social media beings who spam our stories with their artistic creations and tasty recipes, we have something for you that (hopefully) make you all excited to try out. Many bloggers have tried to recreate our favourite series character outfits and since you are at home you can try it out too. Although it is not the time for Halloween or any type of costume party, there is no harm in indulging in some fun (right?). Maybe this will give you a chance to imagine yourself as a part of their plot, which BTW is much more exciting than ours.

Check out how these bloggers recreate our favourite series character outfits:

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Which is your favourite character outfit? Let us know.