Feel-good songs recommended by Jungkook of BTS that’ll instantly bring a smile to your face!

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Jungkook of BTS

Jungkook of BTS is known to always be the talk of the town, be it the clothes he wears getting completely sold out the next day to the song he recommends of other artist’s trending on charts again. Here’s an extensive look into his diverse playlist!

Jungkook of BTS has always been appreciative of other artists and he shared that via his Instagram stories in the past and now he does it through his weverse lives. Be it from anywhere in the world, as long as it’s fun and meaningful he’ll add it to his playlist. All of this began after he randomly decided to delete his Instagram account one fine day so the only way to communicate with his fans was through his live sessions. And those literally feel like we are hanging out with our best friend. From boxing sessions to doing his laundry to cooking with us, he has broken all the walls and has been more than comfortable with showing his fans what a day in the life of Jungkook looks like. But he does all of this with music always playing in the background and if not that, he has hours of karaoke sessions taking requests from armys and also singing some of his own personal favourites.

This has helped not only already existing songs trend on charts but also helped us discover underrated artists who deserved much needed recognition for the amazing music that they make. And for his fans, it’s always been a delight listening to new music through him. Every time we listen to any of these songs, they reminds us of him. It’s become our little memory and it also serves as an instant serotonin boost for us. Sometimes when he plays these songs on his weverse lives, with candles burning and aurora lights in his room, it legit feels like you’re on a date with him. Recently, in one of his lives when he played Naatu Naatu from RRR, the song was trending on Twitter. Indian BTS fans went crazy solely on the fact that he is open to listening to songs that we vibe to everyday. RRR's team also thanked Jungkook for enjoying the song and previously other artists too have been grateful to him for putting the spotlight on them. Also, his playlist is proof of how big of a Justin Bieber fan he is and this also created a lot of rumours regarding their eagerly awaited collaboration.

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More than anything, his playlist has a song for every mood of yours. Romantic, heartbreak, party - he has it all and they’re the best of the best!

Violet- Connor Prince, Killa

Golden Hour- JVKE

On The Low- Justin Park

Grenade- Bruno Mars

Naatu Naatu- RRR

Never Had A Chance- Katherine Li

Stuck With U- Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

It Takes Two- Fiji Blue

Your Gentleman- CLAUDIA

Plastic Purse- Chloe Moriondo

IT’S YOU- Max ft Keshi

Love Again- The Kid Laroi

Snooze- SZA

111- Thuy

That’s Hilarious- Charlie Puth

Mean It- Lauv and Lany

Leave The Door Open- Silk Sonic

10,000 Hours- Dan+Shay ft Justin Bieber

Ghost- Justin Bieber

The Girl That’s Underneath- Jake Miller, Jabbar Hakeem

Honeymoon- Johnny Stimson

Bare With Me- Teyana Taylor

Breath- Park Hyo Shin

Kill Bill- SZA

Boyfriend- Justin Bieber

Lonely- Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco

Until I Found You- Stephen Sanchez, Em Beihold

Antifragile- Le Sserafim

Hype Boy- New Jeans

Ditto- New Jeans

Dark Cloud- Youha

Somewhere, Out There- James Vickery

One Life- Justin Bieber

Purpose- Justin Bieber

Unholy- Sam Smith ft Kim Petras

I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys

I Ain’t Worried- One Republic

Falling- Harry Styles

Winter Blossom- Dept, Ashley Alisha

I Wish You Didn’t Love Me- Jake Miller

Reminder- The Weeknd

Which of these songs from Jungkook's playlist is your ultimate favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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