Take a look at the list and find out which fictional fashionista character you are, based on the clothes you own.

Fashion is a very board spectrum. While most of us suck at it, there are some who can just rock any style. It is also a fact that we all have our own style and fashion. As it is said there are two types of people, sneakers and T-shirts or skirts and high heels. In fact, people try and better their style and find inspirations around them. One great place to find these inspirations is our shows and series. There are a bunch of characters who influence our fashion choices. These show characters are usually written based on real-life and therefore, we have made a list to let you know which fictional fashionista character you are based on your wardrobe.

Here’s a list to know which fictional fashionista you are:

Rachel Green, FRIENDS
If you find your self owning a lot of checks, skirts, turtle necks, and can play with layers you know which friend you are.

Jessica Day, New Girl
Are you a skater dress and cute skirts kinda person who doesn’t mind bangs framing their face? Then you are probably Jessica.

Claire Underwood, House of cards
You know who you are if you own a lot of pantsuits and are ready to Boss up!

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Rachel Berry, Glee
If adorable tops, minis and sexy boots are kinda your thing.

Betty Cooper, Riverdale
You can easily get inspired by the classic ponytail and t-shirt jeans look and of course sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

Veronica, Riverdale
If you easily rock that pearl necklace with high street outfits and looks, then you are undoubtedly – V!

Serena and Blair, Gossip Girls

Rachel Zane, Suits

Which is your favourite fictional fashionista out of these?