Kerala women fight gender inequality by forming 620 km long human chain, Twitter reacts

Khushboo Shah
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Kerala women wall human chain

On 1st January, Kerala’s women made history by organizing a 620 km long human chain to counter the effort of a right-wing man protesting women from entering the holy temple of Sabarimala.

On 28th September, Supreme Court of India allowed women to enter the Sabarimala temple which was previously banned for women of menstruating age that is from age of 10 to 50 were banned from visiting the temple of the lord of growth.  Usually, women are allowed to enter the Hindu temple after their menstruation cycle is over but in Sabarimala temple, women are barred from even setting their foot if they are of menstruating age

Lord Ayyappa practiced celibacy hence women of menstruating age should not be allowed was the common argument made by the angry Hindu traditionalists.

Prime Minister Modi commented in support of BJP supporters of banning women from the temple saying that the matter was about religious belief and not gender equality.

Two brave women Bindu and Kanaka Durga after 3 months of Supreme Court lifting the ban with help of 100 policemen tried to enter the temple but were met upon by Hindu protestors who did not let them in.

This led to 50,000 women gathering together and forming a human chain or “Vanithi Mathila” to stand up for gender equality. It was 15-minute peaceful protest. Schools were given half day and even colleges were kept shut. 13,000 police officers were deployed at the site for the safety of the women. 

Here is what Twitter has to say about this historical moment :

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Later this month Supreme court has ordered to review this verdict and hear the petitions in open court but refuses to grant the stay.

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