Five films, five different worlds to jumpstart on MUBI

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Enjoy the feel of a film festival from the comfort of your home with MUBI. 

In this abundance of streaming platforms it’s hard to keep up the content they all have to offer. MUBI is a platform that appeases the creative artistic soul. This platform is a must for all film enthusiasts and makers but even the mass audience can enjoy the range they offer. Curated from films all over the world it offers popular art films to cult classics to documentaries to a curated list by a film curator. What more could you ask for? Well, also, they provide with film knowledge, and you can enjoy the feel of a film festival from the comfy couch of your living room. But if you are having a hard time figuring out where to start, here is a list of five films on MUBI to get you started on this artistic exploration. 

Take a look at some amazing films that MUBI has to offer:

  1. Salaam Bombay- Docu-Fiction Indian Classic   

It is a film that will be on the list of every film lover. Directed by Mira Nair in 1988, this film was one of the three films to enter into Oscars in the international category. It explores the dark life of the street kids of Bombay. The film paints a realistic picture of the streets of Bombay way before Slumdog Millionaire. It won the Camera d’Or in the 1988 Cannes film festival.

2.   A Fantastic woman- New age Fiction   

It is a film that should be watched for its purity. The way the film explores the life of a Trans in a conservative society will leave you moving. This rare and brilliantly crafted film by Sebastián Lelio won a Foreign-language film in Oscar. The film is in German and came in 2017. It’s a complex modern tale of love and survival. 

3. In My Room- Short Film   

Made during the lockdown, this film gives you a homely feel. Directed by Mati Diop, it was shot entirely in and from her home. It’s a pure celebration of womanhood and loneliness at home during the pandemic. It came out this year but the film has the voice of the director’s grandmother curated by her over the years. It transports you to another world which mirrors yours in many ways. 

4. Sonchidi- Experimental Film   

What is famous about the director of this film, Amit Dutta is that it is believed that he has a mastery to make all his scenes look like a painting. If you have a chance upon “A Portrait of a Lady” then you should definitely watch his films. This one is special because of the marriage of philosophy with sci-fi. It came out in 2011.          

5. Closer- Pop culture Fiction (art) film     

 This film is a play adaptation but its cast pulls you to watch it in the first place. It’s a complex film about complex relationships. The four lives are entwined with each other and they all try to figure out who they love. With Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Clive Owen, this movie is worth its confusion. It came out in 2004.   

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