Floral outfits are literally what your wardrobe needs through the year because they’re so versatile!

Don’t get me wrong! I love myself a ‘girl next door’ kinda floral dress and my wardrobe is probably filled with a ton of those. But I love floral outfits that you can style and wear in multiple ways to mix it up every now and then! A cute floral off-shoulder top is so easy to pair with wide-legged high waist shorts or distressed mom jeans vs a floral dress that you can probably only layer.

If you live in countries where it’s hot all year round, floral outfits will be your go-to regardless of the occasion at hand! Attending a concert during the day, put on a floral jumpsuit. Brunch with the girls, floral coords it is! Going to the flea market? Look for that asymmetrical floral dress with a slit!

If you’re still not sold, have a look at these creators donning floral outfits!

Which of these looks are you most excited to try out? Tell us in the comments below!

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