Indian fashion influencer Ishita Mangal has been entertaining her followers with her unique videos and amazing styling tips. Check out some of her videos.

If any of us have improved in the way we dress or style ourselves, the credit goes to all the fashion influencers and bloggers online who continue to share their expert tips with their followers. Every person has their own unique style and these creators have been able to prove that. While we love how they style different dress giving us major outfit goals, some even try and make their content about more than fashion. Fashion influencer Ishita Mangal is one such creator who has us entertained with her voguish and snappy styles.

Ishita is a Fashion influencer and the Creative Director of QUO India. She is known for her unique styling tip videos. In the array of fashion bloggers and influencers, Ishita is standing out with her by delivering informative fashion tips in an unconventional way. Making sure to add comedy and humour into her videos, she has been winning hearts while spicing up our wardrobes. Her unique content has left everyone impressed and left us wanting more. We made a list of her most entertaining videos.

Check out her videos:

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