Follow Kiran and Nivi if you love Indian fusion music

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Follow Kiran and Nivi if you love Indian fusion music

You haven't already heard these melodious sisters Kiran and Nivi, then you haven't heard the best combination of American songs with Swaram.

The sisters, Kiran and Nivi started their career from Tik Tok, and their unique set of combining popular American songs with South Asian classical Swaram has turned them into musical stars. The duo merges many songs and brings our their Indian fusion version, such as this beautiful rendition of &ab_channel=KiranandNivi">"snowman" by Sia. The duo had a speech problem in their childhood and they overcame that to become these music sensations.

source: Kiran and Nivi

Their musical careers that have just started have even led them to collaborate with Jason Derulo. Derulo, a popular artist in the American music industry is well known for songs like “Love Not War” and “Take You Dancing”. Moreover, the twin sisters have released their own original music, including “Is there Peace?” inspired by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In addition, their latest song, “Real Friend” is incredibly relevant and so touching. The song has garnered already over 20,000 streams on Spotify. The twins are continuing to write and release new songs on Tik Tok, YouTube, and Spotify.

Listen to some of their renditions here that we have collated for you here.

These sisters are a must add to your playlists and their music deserves a chance of your support. Every time we get goosebumps whenever we listen to their duets. Their harmonies are so melodious and have emotion in them that we just can't stop listening.

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