Gymnast Parul Arora and her stunts with a desi twist will flip your mind

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Parul Arora

Gymnast Parul Arora is winning hearts on Instagram with her viral stunts that she performs in desi attires. Here's a look at her journey!

As a legendary woman once said, "Who run the world? Girls!" Women have time and again proven that they can do anything and everything that they wish to. Even in a society as patriarchal as India, women have flourished beautifully breaking stereotypes, taboos, and chains. Every sector in the Capitalistic world is now witnessing women coming forward to prove their mettle. Be it cricket, business, art or homemaking, girls are good at every job. Even though society binds us with fear, women continue to fight and move ahead one giant leap at a time. Never taking a break, never giving up, women fight all odds daily. If you look around, you will see several women who can inspire you. One such woman who has been inspiring Indians lately is with her astonishing athletic stunts is National Gold Medalist Gymnast, Parul Arora.

Parul attracted fame after a video of hers went viral in which she can be seen performing a backflip in a saree. Yes, you read that right. Parul performs backflips in a saree. How cool is that? Not only sarees, but Parul also rocks her stunts in every outfit she wears. A gymnast and athlete from Ambala, Haryana, Parul is a pro at stunts. Her Instagram page (@parul_cutearora) features herself performing various stunts gracefully and charmingly. She also enjoys a massive fan following on social media and rightly so. The gymnast also has multiple accolades to her credit. In fact, Parul's videos have also been shared by celebrities as she continues to put her heart and soul in gymnastics.

Check out her impressive backflips and stunts here:

Isn't she inspirational?

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