Instagrammers are turning themselves into renaissance paintings and you'll be amazed!

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Instagram filter "Time Warp Scan"

Instagram filter "Time Warp Scan" turns you into a renaissance painting in seconds. Here are some beautiful ones created by digital creators.

Beauty is art and art is beauty. How many times have we looked at the beauties on screen looking like renaissance paintings and wished that we could look the same? Every human wants to look like a painting. Every human wants to look like an inspiration for painting. Remember, in Titanic, when Jack painted Rose? Oh, to be a charming painter's ethereal muse! Imagine an old painting of you on cobbled streets carrying orchids in hand and a rose in your hair. Imagine yourself in a painting, wearing a fancy gown, roaming in a violet field while the wind caresses your hair. It sounds something straight out of a novel, doesn't it?

However, come back to reality. In 2021, we wear a mask and a shield in order to safeguard ourselves from Coronavirus. We wear layers of sunscreen to protect the skin. We tie hair up so that pollution doesn't make it frizzy. No gowns are preferable in India's heat, we wear shorts or jeans. No painters are looking for muse in our offices as well. Yes, it's terribly sad. But what if we tell you that we can bring the renaissance to you right at your home? Technology is the best part of being alive in 2021, after all. You can get your painting right at your home in your room within seconds. How? Thank Instagram!

Instagram has a cool feature- a filter called "Time Warp Scan". All you have to do is dress up and pose in front of your camera. Instagram records your picture and converts it into a renaissance painting. How cool is that? Don't worry. It's not tricky at all. Let us show you a few examples.

Here are some of the most aesthetic portraits created by digital creators on Instagram for the #RenaissanceChallenge. Have a look.

Gia Kashyap

Source: Instagram| @giasaysthat

Ambika Dhir

Source: Instagram| @ambikadhr

Antara Sarkar

Source- Instagram| @antara_sarkar10

Malaika Lunkad

Source- Instagram| @malaika_lunkad

Navya Naidu

Source- Instagram| @navyaaaa_naidu

Muskan Rawat

Source- Instagram| @muskanrawat

Afsha Galar

Source- Instagram| @beingmomtastic

Brinda Patel

Source- Instagram| @brinda.ptl

Saina Sekhri

Source- Instagram| @sainasekhri

Mukti Patel

Source- Instagram| @acupofmuktea

Alina Hasan Rizvi

Source- Instagram| @alina_hasan_rizvi

Trinita Chaliha

Source- Instagram| @trinitachaliha


Source- Instagram| @thatxkaur

Ariel and Athena

Source- Instagram| @conjurecouture

Maham Fatima

Source- Instagram| @mahamfatima

Ready to create your own painting?

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