Remembering Natasha Diddee and her culinary legacy through her recipes!

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We take a moment to go through some of Natasha Diddee's popular recipes in honor of her long work and efforts to put nutrition on everyone's plates.

Known as The Gutless Foodie among her fans and online, Natasha Diddee recently passed away and her followers have been mourning her loss. The author who has written best-selling books like Foursome was admired for her recipes. Another thing that led people to her page, The Gutless Foodie, was the fact that she had her stomach removed in 2018. Following a series of stressful situations, she developed tumors and to stop the spread of the same, her stomach was removed. To compensate for the absence of the stomach’s functions, she was required to follow dietary modifications and lifelong nutritional support. Natasha managed to keep the nutrition in her food in check and made sure to share the same with her followers.

Although the reason for her passing is unknown, her elder brother and husband used her page to address her followers. While they appreciated the support that her followers showed her, her husband mentioned, “The Instagram account The Gutless Foodie will be kept alive and open since I know her posts and stories inspire a lot of people and many of her followers frequently come back for her recipes and the published content continues to serve as a source of inspiration for many.”

As her husband mentioned, Natasha has been able to help many with the recipes and tips she had to share. Even though she will be deeply missed, people will always go back to her recipes. And what better way to remember her if not through her food? So, as we join everyone in mourning this loss, we made a list of some of her recipes in honor of her memory.

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Here are some of our favourites from her 

That Lightest Vegetarian Breakfast

That Food Coma Inducing Sunday Treat Lunch 

That Very Typical Maharashtrian Combination Lunch 

That "Kick Monday In The Face" Home Made Air Fried Fully Loaded Vegetarian Pizza 

That Fluke Vegan

That Back With A Bang Meal After Returning From Sweden 

That Super Flavourful & Foofoo Meal

That South Meets West India Meal 

That Comfort Meal For That Parsi Family Of Mine 

That @thegutlessfoodie Style Prawn Patia For My Bestie's Family

No matter where she is, Natasha will always be remembered for her work.

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