Football legend Maradona passes away at 60

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The football lovers own God makes his way to heaven as the Argentinian football legend, Maradona passes away due to cardiac arrest at his home.

Football is an amazing sport that brings together people from across the globe. The game is loved and admired by millions across the world because of the players who made it worth watching. Argentinian legend and every football lover's icon, Diego Maradona has contributed immensely into the game. It is players like him that inspired a million others to play and enjoy the sport for what it is. He drove Argentina to it's World Cup victory in 1986 in Mexico, scoring two famous goals in one game against England in the quarter-finals and was worshipped as God. Unfortunately, the 'El Dios' aka the football legend passed away yesterday due to cardiac arrest.

Maradona who had undergone surgery was continuing his recovery from his home. He had celebrated his 60th Birthday on October 30 and had shown up that night for Gimnasia's national championship match against Patronato, which his team won 3-0. He left the game in half-time and that had raised questions regarding his health. Various football players and fans took to social media to mourn his loss.

Take a look at the messages that flooded on social media:

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