Four strangers with the same name living in different parts of the world form a band

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Four strangers with the same name living in different parts of the world form a band

Four strangers named Paul O'Sullivan hailing from different parts of the world met on Facebook and formed a band.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you meet someone that shares the same name as you? Probably, befriend them, talk about your name, and have a good laugh about the whole situation, right? That's exactly what these four strangers with the name, Paul O'Sullivan from different parts of the world did but with a twist. They decided to take it a few notches higher and

While the first Paul O'Sullivan is from Baltimore (US), the second Paul is from Manchester (UK), the third from Pennsylvania (US) and the fourth Paul resides in Rotterdam (Netherlands). All four of them ended up becoming good friends after their first meet on Facebook.

The whole scenario began when one night Paul (Baltimore), a musician sought to seek out people who shared his name. He started to reach out to others and found some people. But he found one more thing in common between them that is they are all musicians. Soon, all the Pauls agreed to form a musical group and name it 'The Paul O'Sullivan Band'. Manchester Paul is on bass, Pennsylvania Paul is on percussion, Baltimore Paul and Rotterdam Paul are on guitar and vocals.

Check them out here and listen to how amazing they sound.


At the beginning of 2020, the Pauls band put out a single. When the world went into a lockdown due to the pandemic, they realized they had been working remotely together anyway, and decided to use the period to record a whole album. The lockdown itself was bad news but it certainly brought out some amazing level of talent and creativity as well!

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