These hard to beat French Fries recipes will make your day

Smrithi Mohan
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French Fries Day

Try out these delicious French Fries recipes to enjoy your favourite fries with a twist!

The love that we have with fries, is the kind of love story we all want. There is nothing so simple yet so elite, so snacky yet so filling, so unhealthy uhh! maybe we don't go there. Anyway, french fries are a crowd favourite that always manages to save the day no matter how less or more hungry a person is. It is one of the foods that one can have at any time. Fries can easily qualify as part of any meal of the day. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. While we all just love the simple fries with ketchup, there is a lot of other varieties that elevate this goodness! We have made a list of french fries recipes that one can try at home.

Celebrate your love for French Fries with these recipes at home:

Hey, before you go. Do you know why the french fry won the race? Because it was a fast-food. XD

Now you fry-nally have more reasons to get some fries!

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