Thank god it’s finally Friday! It’s the happiest time where we are almost done with our work and all ready to plan a weekend trip or decide of pampering ourselves, but before that comes out Friday night plans to cheer up ourselves from our long week’s workload but aren’t we tired of clubbing and Netflix?

I think yes we are! There are endless things to do on a Friday night or over a weekend without clubbing or chilling at home, some of us are so over being stuck in a crowded room of people and waiting in the sweaty line for our drink to come and go through that same old boring routine.

But don’t worry we are here for your rescue, you definitely don’t have to settle with this schedule anymore!


We have a list of things that you could do on a Friday night other than clubbing or Netflix!

Karaoke night with friends
Sing your heart out and have the craziest time!

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Have a Bonfire!

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Relax and read a book in a cafe


Movie night with the girl gang!


Go for a midnight cycling

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Self-care and self-pampering is the need of the hour!

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Go to a pet cafe and have fun with them!

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Visit a workshop or an art gallery

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Try out a cocktail recipe at home with your friends and create some crazy stuff!

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Here was the list of things you can rather than following the same old routine so go plan out your Friday and have some fun!