Musician and music producer, Gravero believes that consistency and relatable content helps keep one relevant on social media

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Sourav Ray aka Gravero talks about being a creator on social media and more on today's Friday Follow.

Music of any kind has always managed to make human life a little more exciting. There is nothing better than a background score while we are engaged in some kind of activity. Surprisingly, Instagram has become a platform that has introduced a bunch of new artists to the audience. Today's creator on our Friday Follow happens to be one such creator who has created quite some stir on the internet with his music.

Who would have thought that a video and picture app would become a platform where people can discover a bunch of new artists and their creations? With Reels taking over our social media time, audiences have become obsessed with 30 seconds of audio that's catchy, eccentric, and rhythmic. Songwriter, music producer, and content creator Sourav Ray aka Gravero has been able to create some songs that have truly become internet sensations. He realized that he wants to be creating music and songs at the young age of 16 and was heavily influenced by watching Tomorrowland Sets of Hardwell and Martin Garrix. "Since then I started making music on DAW called “Fruity Loops”.

While he continues to experiment with his creations, he has become a part of the musicians on Instagram who have had their own viral songs. He says that content creation was the one that helped him be consistent with his music. "Before I used to be a guy who releases 2-3 singles in a year. Which is not great at all. As an Artist, you need to make several contents to sustain in the field."

Even after being on the app for so long, he hasn't cracked the secret code to go viral. "The only thing I believe in is that consistency and relatable content can get you huge numbers. I know what my audience wants and what they are going through. I just use that moment and make my content around that and it works all the time."

According to him, short video platforms become a new space for people to identify and recognize new talent. "I feel new and upcoming creators got a really nice platform to showcase their passion. It’s highly discoverable and interactive in my opinion." When asked about audio that he is proud of, he found it difficult to choose one. Like every other creator, he is proud of every single one he has created. But he mentioned the audio that changed his life. His remix of Illahi x Night Changes and "Laare Choote x Kesariya”, “Spirits x Kabira” and “Meri Jaan x Chaand Sifarish” were some of his most popular creations on Reels with people creating and sharing their content on these audios.

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One thing that is still constant in his life is his finding inspiration from his fellow creators and musicians. He has a huge collection of playlists that helps him do what he does. "Well, right now I am listening to a lot of Dancehall, Electronic, and Future Bounce music." He did not shy away from mentioning his love for all types of sad songs. "From Tere Liye (Veer-Zara) to Glimpse of Us by Joji, I vibe on them a lot! These are tracks that motivate me to make more music."

When talking about the artists that inspire him, he had a list to share. KK, Martin Garrix, Arijit Singh, San Holo, and Alec Benjamin have a special place in his heart. He shared his dream to collaborate with Usha Uthup ji someday. "I really want to experiment with Usha ji's voice in the genres like Lofi and Dancehall. I am already manifesting on it. Well, I already collaborated with Alec Benjamin so I guess I am already winning." Apart from that, he also had a magical moment when English singer-songwriter Sam Smith himself shared his song where he remixed Unholy and Keh Na Hi Kya.

A song or lyrics that always hits the emotion? 

It’s definitely Ajab Si by KK! I can never get tired of that song. Fun fact - I watched Om Shanti Om more than 70-80 times and I am still watching it while answering your questions.

A genre of music that always tops your chart. 

Electronic Dance Music any time! I started making music with this genre itself and I don’t think my love for EDM gonna die ever. IT’S IMMORTAL!

A song/artist who made you fall in love with music. 

I do remember, my mom used to play mp3 discs on VCD players, I used to listen to “Aao Na by Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam, and Shankar Mahadevan”* on a loop. I think this song made me fall in love with music.

What are your hopes for the future? 

Well, I don’t know yet, I am just going with the flow. But I do believe in manifesting. Maybe a sold-out stadium show, and releasing more than 10-20 tracks in a year.

Have you used any of his audios to create your Reels? Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

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