Suriya Mishra talks to us about finding a platform to live her dream of becoming an actor

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Suriya Mishra

Content creator Suriya Mishra joins us for today's Friday Follow as she talks about her motivation to join the creator community and much more!

The magic of the big screen has always caught our eyes. There have been moments when we saw our favorite actor on screen and wanted to be alongside them at some point in our lives. As we grew up, this need also shifted to something more practical. But for some, this still continued to be a dream, and creator Suriya Mishra is one of those dreamers who found a platform to make it happen.

It was always her dream to become an actor. Hailing from a small town called Jalna in Maharashtra, Suriya is also a fashion designer and loves to paint. She decided to shift to Mumbai to follow her dream of acting and joined Anupam Kher’s institute. "I started making videos out of passion without realizing that it will become my career and life." She says that she found that it was a great time to start her career in content creation because, in India, it wasn’t really a thing back in 2017.

"I was looking for an opportunity to showcase my acting, so my sister suggested I make videos for social media so people can watch me act." For someone who used to mimic a lot of Hera Pheri's dialogues, it shouldn't have been hard to become a part of the creator community. And that was also one of her videos and content that went viral. 

People started liking her videos and they went viral, she also started receiving messages about how people thought she did a good job in a video and how her videos made their day. "What more can I possibly ask for as an actor? I try to read, appreciate and thank every single person who comments / DMs me even now."

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If you follow Suriya, one thing you'd know is that she has the ability to turn into anyone. Like a chameleon, she manages to create stories while turning into different personalities with their own unique characteristics. When asked how she comes up with her characters and their mannerisms she said, "I put a lot of work and thought into every character I play. I do a lot of research and observe people and the way they talk on a daily basis to create relatable characters." 

Being a content creator may sound appealing but it's not an easy task. The hours of preparation and dedication to create something needs patience that only some have. Not to forget being under the constant radar of an audience who watch a bunch of other creators in a day. Being someone from that community and having to create something new every day, she finds it amusing and exciting to see people wanting and finding something new every day. She said, "I think it’s great to try new things! I love creating a new character and putting it out for the world to watch and embrace it. As much as I love creating, I love watching videos as well. I love finding new creators to watch and follow every now and then!"  

This need to find something new made sure her content evolves over time, especially with the popularity of short-video platforms. "I won’t lie, I have grown as a creator a lot! I now work hard for every video." She said that she takes this position very seriously because there's no shortage of talent out there, and knowing how hard it is to go viral these days. "So I give my best in every video I create."

Do you follow any Indian creators whose content you enjoy?

Of course! I love watching Vishnu Kaushal and RJ Karishma. 

Who are the people that you look up to find inspiration?

My mother, Shahrukh Khan and Sushmita Sen 

A quote that always motivates you. 

“When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it" - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Translation: “Kisi cheez ko agar sache dil se chaho, toh poori kaynaat tumhe us se milwane mein lag jati hai.” - Shah Rukh Khan, Om Shanti Om 

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

Every DM is special! I love reading DMs of people who love me. I love how some of my followers trust me with their emotions and my funny videos help them cope and go on with their days! 

If you had to describe what your hopes are for 2023!

In 2023, I want to work on a film or web series as an actor. I want to meet Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan and travel around the world with my family.

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