Ratika Khandelwal helps us get to the 'root' and understand all about terrariums!

Smrithi Mohan
Oct 28, 2022 14:50 IST

In today's Friday Follow, we talk to digital creator, Roooted aka Ratika Khandelwal about everything we need to know about terrariums.

If there's anything that this stressful life has taught us it is this - we can always find new hobbies to help us calm down and focus on something beautiful. Gardening and taking care of plants has to be one of the most soul-soothing activities there is. It's also the same idea that puts us into a frenzy when we see them die on us. But the whole process makes it all worth it. If you live in Mumbai, you'd know that apartments in this city may not always be an ideal place to fulfill our gardening needs. That is why we always end up with fake or house plants that need less maintenance. What not many people know is that there is a low-maintenance and space-saving way of gardening called terrariums. A perfect way to keep up with our want to experience gardening and the feeling of having our hands in the mud, terrariums make for the perfect way of adding greenery to your decor. A hobby everyone who loves plants can try. To delve into this world of terrariums and understand the what, how, and everything in between about them, creator and lifestyle influencer, Ratika Khandelwal takes us through the process.

Known as Roooted on Instagram, Ratika has been sharing her life with plants, yoga, and more with her followers over the years. And years of sharing ideas on making plants a part of our lives, she checked one of her bucket lists by making a terrarium for herself. Collecting moss and ferns from her surrounding she gave us a looking into the process of creating the same while also mentioning some tips on what people interested can do to create one of their own. To understand more about it in detail, we talked to Ratika herself and she was more than willing to help us out.

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How do you think plants help make our lives better?

They promote mindfulness - There’s something really peaceful, calm, and meditative about potting plants or gardening in general. Forces you to be present in the moment and not be anxious about five million other things.

They show you the importance of the little things - Help in grounding, the process of watering them, taking care of them, and smelling the wet dirt. Every time! Instantly grounded. And above all patience, you don’t really get to see the results of your efforts immediately. 

They’re beautiful, soothing to the eyes, and add an aesthetic to your place.

They remind us of our link to nature and are actually the only way we can still be in touch with nature while living amidst high-tech end buildings. 

What plants work best in terrariums?

Basically, plants that love high levels of humidity, normally the ones which you get to see in hill stations on mountains, growing roadsides, and more. To name a few- moss, ferns, and others. Succulents also do well but only in open terrariums.

How long can terrariums last?

If the right conditions are met, terrariums can last up to 10 years or more. Theoretically speaking, a well-balanced terrarium in optimal conditions can last indefinitely. However, the average terrarium lasts anywhere from four months to approximately two years. It basically all depends on how and where you keep it. 

Do they need to be watered? And how should one do it?

Actually not, the closed ones very rarely. To water, a closed terrarium, spray the water on the interior glass walls and close it again. Ensure the water is running down the sides of the glass, rather than being sprayed directly onto the soil. Rotate in a 360-degree motion. Continue spraying until all sides of the glass are covered, then close the terrarium.

Make sure not to water your terrarium plants when there is condensation on the glass surface. This is because plants breathe, and during photosynthesis, they produce condensation which also increases the heat inside the terrarium (especially in closed ones).

How can one maintain terrariums?

Check for humidity

Pay attention to your watering

Check for molds

Proper bright indirect sunlight is essential for the success of terrariums

Remove dead leaves and dying plants

Trim overgrown plants

Keep the terrarium glass clean

Use clean soil for the terrarium and charcoal powder to keep fungus away

All the accessories being used in the terrariums should be appropriately sterilized to keep fungus away

Things people do not know about terrariums?

Temperatures inside the terrarium can rise quickly; before you know it, the terrarium can become as steamy as a sauna. Once you get a hang of it, terrariums become an addiction. 

Would you be trying your hand at the terrarium? Let us know if these tips by Ratika Khandelwal were helpful. And don't forget to check out her account on Instagram.

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