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On today's Friday Follow feature we talk about content creator Nilraj who continues to entertain us with his stories and more.

Who is not fond of laughing? Thanks to the way our work-life balance is going, we are always on the look out for reasons to laugh. And short-video platforms are making it easier for us to find them. Everyday we come across content on social media that takes a dig on everyday things in the most hilarious way possible and we cannot seem to have enough of it. Nilraj is part of this ever growing list of creators who is making our days brighter and giving us something to look forward to.

Starting off with his account Sign Board Wala on Instagram along with his friend Vaidehee Salvi, Nilraj soon went on to enjoy being a part of an art that mocked everyday problems, issues and basic activities. People loved the way he was able to make points that everyone agreed on. This was also his motivation to start and create more video content for his personal account.

The creator mentions how he always had a knack for acting and loved the profession that let performers become someone new. It was this love that kept him focused on practising his skills, cultivating them, so he can enhance the type of entertainment that he provides his audience. "I started with a thought of bringing to attention the ‘unpopular opinion’, as my personal profile grew, so did my dreams."

He recalls how Sign Board Wala was his starting point for content creation. He wanted to use the platform to raise awareness about problems that are around us but usually ignored. "With the help of my copy-writer friend, I started this venture and it gained immense popularity." Being someone who was always drawn to this art, he wanted to entertain his audiences through simple, relatable situations that were portrayed in a humorous way.

"When Sign Board Wala took off, I was completely invested in it. I did not expect my personal account to become as popular. I recall putting up content, just for my entertainment, to portray my personality and thoughts through it." It was only when he was called by his agency TGB Troop to manage Sign Board Wala and his personal account, that he realized the gravitas of the situation.

When asked where he found inspirations for his ideas, he said, "My personal life experiences and ability to observe aid in the generation of thoughts and stories." He also finds travelling as one of the mediums that helps him find plenty of content ideas. "I always ensure to include my interests and hobbies in my content as much as possible, working towards attracting the attention of audiences with the same values and beliefs." While finding ideas may not be difficult, one cannot keep sharing the same content. It is always important that a creator evolves in the content that he is sharing. The creator economy can be exhaustion and if one fails to add value to the time that someone is spending on it then they are bound to be out of the game. "I definitely recommend and extend my support to those who are gutsy enough to experiment on this platform. I have been working towards it myself, trying to come up with new concepts every time for my audience, to keep them engaged and provide a gratifying entertainment experience."

One way that he stays connected and relevant with his audience is through trends. He makes sure to follow trends, watch material, and recreate videos with his own unique spin. According to him, there is a lot more to explore as content creators have a lot to do. Music seems to be one thing where he as a creator has found his calling. "When Divine and Deepika Padukone reposted my videos where I put up my interpretation of their music, it was immensely gratifying. Music campaigns and trends (thanks to TGB) are something that I enjoy recreating."

All the success and love form his audience is what he is very grateful for. He knows that his life has altered significantly. Even though he finds the amount of attention he is receiving to be very overwhelming, it has made his dream to be known and recognised by people true. "With the rising popularity of short-form content, I have ensured I keep up by actually studying the behaviour of my audience, current trends and just putting my art out there honestly." He says that to keep up with these trends one has to be adventurous and they have to take leaps of faith at multiple occasions and be consistent.

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Do you follow any Indian creators whose content you enjoy?

I follow many content creators to be honest with you since they challenge me to go even more and to continue striving to go beyond my capabilities. My partners in crime Nikhil Dhadwe, Shantanu Rangnekar and Tejas Gaikwad have pushed my capabilities every day and there is never a dull moment creating content along with them. They have grown through the years as well and I am proud to be a part of The Fanny Pack Club.

Since you started creating videos, what according to you is the best and worst part of content creation?

After having created content for a while now, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of the internet. What is good is the kind of love and gratification you receive from your audience. When I come across DMs that I made someone's day and improved their mood, it just warms my heart. What is bad is the certain amount of unnecessary hate and toxicity that trolls spread for no reason. I hope some people realise that we are not characters on the internet but actual people.

Who do you look up to to find inspiration?

My friends and family have been a major source of inspiration for me. They have been by my side through thick and thin and are always there to tell my when I am going down the wrong path. My mother has inspired me to just go ahead and fulfil my dreams and I am eternally grateful to her.

A quote that always motivates you.

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought” is one of the quotes that always motivates me.

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

I recall receiving a message from one of my followers that after having a bad day, all they did was scroll through my feed and it instantly lightened up their mood. It might not seem a lot but when you realise the entertainment you provide to people is actually staying with them, it is a great feeling.

If you had to describe your hopes for 2023?

Success, Love and a lot of Smiles. What I hope from 2023 is to grow more each day, make my family, friends and team proud. I hope we all stay safe and healthy and are able to build a lovable world just with a few

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