Check out this week’s creator Taabish Shaikh who made it to our Friday Follow found himself enjoying life through his content creation journey.

Internet is a fun place to be on. Especially when you can spend hours in a single place and find all kinds of content to pass our time. From people wanting to make us laugh, teaching us something new to simply lip-syncing to songs we have a bunch of videos and posts to go through. With content creation getting its due recognition we have creators like Taabish Shaikh doing their bit to bring a smile on our faces.

A typical ‘first bench’ student who was quite shy while growing up decided to follow the trend and try his hand at making videos online. For someone who held back as a kid, making videos gave him the liberty to show people who he really was. It was his 2 years of content creation journey that opened him up. He learned a lot about life and actually started enjoying it too.

When recalling how this wonderful journey actually began Taabish has Mumbai locals to thank for. He says, “In my early college days, I used to travel to Andheri, daily, on local trains. At the time I used to travel, luckily there weren’t many people on the train. So for timepass, I started making TikTok videos in train. So I kind of actually started my Content Creation Journey in Mumbai Locals. Sounds crazy but it’s true.”

And when it comes to making videos for his social media, he never actually plans on them. Instead goes with the flow. He has tried to explore himself and find things that work well for him and his followers. From relatable comedy to Bollywood concepts, from lipsync to transitions, his feed has almost everything.

There is no doubt that he enjoys the joy that he can bring by sharing content and also the inner peace that he gets when appreciated for the same. But he knows the good and bad parts of being on social media and he does his best to tackle them both responsibly. “The best part will definitely be the unconditional love and support you get from your people. If you’re a content creator, you’ll never be alone. You’ll always have someone by your side. And the worst part according to me would be the ‘Competition Pressure’. Whilst it is good to have healthy competition, but people often compare themselves with others and tend to affect their mental health,” he says.

It is his followers and their kind words that keep him going through. “As a creator, we get a lot of DMs. Some are very creepy but most of them are very positive. I don’t remember a specific one but personally, I like the ones when someone writes a whole paragraph for me. That’s really cute.”

It is the response he gets from his audience that plays a really important role in the kind of content he wants to put forth. “When I see that they’re connecting and relating to my videos, that’s the biggest motivation for me to create more and more.”

Talking about the lockdown’s impact on him and his content Taabish said, “The last year has been the best and the worst year for me. I’ve learned that no content is big or small unless you think so. Because now I realized that, It doesn’t matter what you create, As long as you are enjoying it, people are gonna love it.”

And he finds his inspiration all around him. “My videos are mostly feelings that cannot be put into words but can only be felt through emotions. And I’m glad that people are able to connect with my content.” The one person who continues to inspire him and encouraged him to make videos was his elder brother, who is a creator himself. Taabish looks up to him and hopes to continue doing what he goes with his support. Taabish also wishes he can collaborate and get a chance to work with Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam someday.

Check out Taabish’s page to entertain yourself with cute videos!

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