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Talking to us on today's Friday Follow, Vismay Patel shares his journey of creating songs and his latest 'Pal Behta Jaaye'.

Anything created by a human that can be enjoyed by another human being should and will always be a joyous addition to our lives. That is why when we see artists releasing their own music pieces, we find ourselves enthralled in awe. 23 year old Vismay Patel who has been a part of people's everyday listens is exactly the kind of artist who is spreading smiles with his art and work.

The artists has been creating music for since the age of 17. He had his own little doubts on wanting to continue in the path of music but all his little thoughts were cleared when he shifted from Hyderabad to Punjab. "In army school, my teachers had 2 extra activity options for me, Karate or Music and Music was more appealing to me. I got to know about music in depth but never took it seriously." He later had to move to his hometown Gujarat with his mom after his father got posted to Srinagar. But it also became a turning point for his career in music when his dad returned after 3 months with an exclusive CD of the movie 'Rockstar.' "That movie inspired me a lot. It changed my perception completely. After that, I took music seriously. I badly wanted to learn music, create music and perform. But in small cities, this was not that easy."

Music has been the only true friend that Vismay has had since childhood. He recalls how he made a limited number of friends but music was always there. He always finds music to be something that never demands anything and is always there to cheer him up and lift his spirits.

When asked what kind of music he enjoys, he calls himself a bit old school. The kind of music that attracts him are songs that are honest and have genuine stories to tell.

Vismay saw an ad about a free music production workshop at Beatfactory Academy, Mumbai and took a chance to check it out. He attended the workshop and learned about how music production works. That is how his journey in music production started. "After a year I created my home studio from where I made my first song “Uda Dil Mera”. After that, I developed a full-fledged music production studio “808 Music Studio” in my city and started music production professionally."

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All this while he has created and produced his own original music. But among all of them, Pal Behta Jaaye was able to receive a lot of love from this audience. When asked what he wanted people to feel like when listening to Pal Behta Jaaye, he said, "I wanted was to remind people that nothing in this world is permanent". The song was created during the pandemic and the trouble that people were going through inspired him to give people a reason to be positive. He wanted to remind them that even these difficult times would pass. "I am happy to see how the message was translated and perceived by each individual. It was all about having fun in life without worrying about everyday problems. Time heals all the cracks and wounds."

The success of the song encouraged him to release a reprised version and give fans of the song a new take of the original. The song helped him be discovered, with listeners from across the globe streaming his music. He had people reaching out and sharing their experience after listening to the track. "So technically Pal Behta Jaye 2.0 is simpler and very light in comparison to the original track. It's very simple in terms of production, We have produced this version with only 2 instruments that are guitars and drums making it soothing and soulful for the audience," Vismay said.

Coming from an industry that has artists creating their originals along with ones who reprise other's work, Vismay has his own thoughts when it comes to both. According to him, repurposing music has always been part of the industry and that the Indian film industry or music industry always tries to make something which is trendy or tried and tested. He also believes that there will always be audience for such kind of music.

Talking of audience finding his music, he is among the artists who found a recognition through short video platforms. He finds them helpful not only because artists can share their cover songs but also because they can find a wide reach if they want to get into playback singing.

Where do you find your inspiration for your songs?

I sometimes take inspiration from my own life or someone else's life. I observe a lot and try to write it down in very simple words.

A song that you last heard

Kishore Kumar's 'Khilte Hai Gul Yahaan'

Song that is stuck in your head

Denis Llyod's 'Commisions

If you could collaborate with any artist, Indian and international, who would that be?

In India, I would love to work with Mr. A R Rahman sir. When it comes to International artists, I love The Weeknd.

If your life was a song, which song would it be?

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

You can listen to his latest song on Spotify:

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