Friday Streaming: Netflix's Tuesdays & Fridays fails to commit to any one concept

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Tuesdays & Fridays

Tuesdays & Fridays comes across as a movie with no personality of it's own. If Kal Ho Na Ho and No Strings Attached had a baby, it would look like this film!

Directed by Taranveer Singh, this movie tells the story of a boy who meets a girl, sparks fly, boundaries are overlooked, no means yes and they lived happily ever after. With a terribly promising trailer, Tuesdays & Fridays bit off more than it could chew in one hour 46 minutes.

Cast - A successful lawyer by profession, Sia Malhotra (Jhataleka Malhotra) is driven and skeptical. She doesn't get into relationships easily and often finds it hard to trust people. Sia feels the need to protect everyone she's close to. Anmol Dhillon plays the role of Varun Sarin, an upcoming writer with commitment issues that take him back to his childhood when his father left one fine day with no explanation. Varun is your typical boy next door, friendly, wants to hang but doesn't want to get attached. Honestly, the only person with an authentic vibe in this movie, was Sia's mother, Radhika played by Niki Walia.

Storyline - A successful lawyer, Sia Malhotra takes on a new client, Varun Sarin, to help him with legal rights for his book that's being converted into a movie. Sparks fly between the two of them but neither is willing to own up to it, given how both of them come from broken and dysfunctional families, where communication has never been the strong point. Varun doesn't date anyone for longer than 7 weeks and Sia has a more traditional approach towards dating. In an attempt to show him that relationships don't always come with an expiry date, she suggests that they date only on Tuesday and Friday while seeing other people through the rest of the week!

What the trailer here!

What I liked - This movie depicts what coming from a broken home can look like, how traumatic it can be for a child of divorce and how these experiences shape our present and future when one hasn't healed and moved on. Modern love stories usually showcase internal obstacles like emotional baggage, indecisiveness, and commitment issues but they rarely talk about the reason behind these existing.

What I didn't quite like - There are too many elements highlighted in this movie that are continuously fighting for attention, taking the limelight away from a budding love story. The songs are randomly placed throughout the film and make no sense. Given that it's produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, you'd expect this movie to be a lot more than it is. While the storyline was so promising, the movie as a whole was a huge letdown. I'd love to watch a cute Hindi rom-com but this lacked substantial dialogues and a well-rounded backstory of the families. I don't like that this movie promoted 'no means yes'. She didn't respect his boundaries and pushed them to her own advantage and then chose to feel bad when he stuck to what he'd promised from the start! How is this a healthy relationship? They've used gay characters only for comic relief, to play the role of a pretend partner. This plot lacked imagination and depth. The supporting cast was so underutulized inspite of casting brilliant actors. You can't see London anywhere in this film plus it shouts Kal Ho Na Ho in all the wrong ways with its look and feel.

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