Friday Streaming - Think of Finch on Apple TV as a sentimental sci-fi about an android's journey that involves a road trip with a human and a dog

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A comforting movie about a post-apocalyptic world, Finch gives you Tom Hanks at his best!

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik, Finch tells a rather simple story of a man, his dog, and an android who talks, grows, and learns, surviving on the remains of a post-apocalyptic Earth in the hope of finding a new home. But at its heart, this film is about an android understanding human experiences like friendship, love, life, how to take care of his creator's dog and what it means to be alive!

Cast - Tom Hanks is phenomenal as Finch which comes as no surprise at all. In this movie, he makes you feel all the feelings that a dad would, which makes this a rather emotional watch. Caleb Landry Jones is the voice behind the andriod, Jeff. And his character is a total game-changer! Watching Jeff's journey gives this movie the Disney feel.

Storyline - An unwell and aging inventor, Finch is most probably the only living human left on Earth after a manmade environmental catastrophe destroys the ozone layer, wiping off all life and leaving cities buried in heat, dust, and bodies. This leaves Finch scavenging for canned foods in locked and abandoned facilities during the day and spending his evenings learning all about how to build an android in his bunker with Goodyear, his dog, and a cute robot named Dewey. After Jeff, the android predicts a storm, this not-so-normal family leaves St Louis, Missouri in their 1984 Fleetwood RV fueled by solar panels on the roof with the intention of reaching San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way, Finch tries teaching Jeff some human qualities like decision-making skills while imparting some wisdom in the middle of conversations.

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What I liked - Tom Hanks can make interactions with anyone feel emotional, conversational, and fun, even inanimate objects. With his trademark dialogue delivery, Tom Hanks makes you feel all warm inside when he's educating Jeff along the way. While it looks like Tom Hanks is carrying the load alone in Finch, Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff slyly takes your focus away with his gradual growth and innocence. The screenplay is beautiful in spite of most of it being made to look like a wasteland, so much so, that when you do see a butterfly, you're as happy as Finch himself. Scenes where Jeff, the robot asks Finch about his life are so beautiful and cute!

What I didn't quite like - The pace of this movie is frustrating! For a film about a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland, Finch doesn't delve into the how or why, in fact, it's hard for one to comprehend the threats in this film if there are any. I was curious about one thing though - how does Jeff never run out of battery?

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