All of us celebrated friendship day on Sunday and our favorite creators shared some funny and relatable friendship day posts that you don’t want to miss out on.

‘Tera yaar hu me’ hit different yesterday as most of us finally met our friends after a really long time. The past year was hard for us all, given how we hardly had the chance to meet our friends in person, with almost the whole world going under lockdown. The time we’ve spent under lockdown only made us realize how much our friends mean to us. After spending so much time apart, we celebrated Friendship Day on Sunday. Some either met their friends in person or video chatted with that friend who wanted to meet from a distance. While we celebrated this day in our own way, our creators did too. They shared videos, appreciated their friends, and made our day even better with heartwarming posts. We made a list of posts that left us all mushy.

Check them out!

Did you have a memorable Friendship Day? Tell us about the best part of your day in the comments below!

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