From feel-good content on "Tere Vaaste" to the "War is over" trend on Instagram, this reels roundup covers it all

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From feel-good content on "Tere Vaaste" to the "War is over" trend on Instagram, this reels roundup covers it all

If we are in a mood of creating. This week's reels roundup has many ideas to help you get started.

You don't need a reason to create something but good trends around always helps in bringing out the inspiration. This week too, we had a number of reel trends that look fun enough to try with our friends. The songs of "Zara Hatke, Zara Bachke are already taking over our playlists with its appealing romantic theme. People cannot get songs like "Phir aur kya Chaiye" and "Tere Vaaste" from their heads. Creators on Instagram are using these songs to create content.Talking about songs, we have some really good ones that made their way to our feeds like "Never felt so alone" and Gorgeous.

The most interesting trend of the week has to be the one in which a group of people are taking videos from different perspectives while standing on the same spot. Makes us believe in the fact that everyone is the main character in their story. What is the feeling when you make it through something really exhausting or mentally draining like going through a heartbreak, exam stress or something like that? You feel a sense of relief and how it all feels as if a war is over. We saw an interesting trend on Instragram that follows that concept.

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Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Tere Vaaste

Phir aur kya chaiye


War is Over

Mysterious Clock Piano

Never felt so alone


What was your personal trend of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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