Unleash your inner techie and check out these gadgets in 2020

Geetika Sachdev
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gadgets in 2020

This year has a lot in line for all the techno-savvy and gadget freaks, as there are a number of gadgets in 2020 one must look out for.

The onset of every new year brings with it the excitement of innovative gadgets and brilliant updates from the world of technology. The new year, too, has a slew of interesting gadgets for those who are tech-savvy. We have curated a list of gadgets in 2020 that we should all look out for.

Let’s take a look at some of these gadgets in 2020 that we absolutely can’t wait for: 

OnePlus ‘Concept One’ smartphone

We all know how OnePlus brings out the best lineup of smartphones, and this time too, they announced the ‘Concept One’ at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. According to the Chinese smartphone maker, this phone ‘will demonstrate a vision of both new technology and alternative design approach for the future of smartphones.’ And guess what, this phone will have no ports and buttons. We just can’t wait for this one!

Oppo under-screen-camera phone

Way back at the Mobile World Congress 2019, leading smartphone maker, OPPO, had announced their under-screen-camera technology. Looks like this is going to come to phones in 2020! The adoption of this technology will enable the company to design smartphones with an enhanced screen-to-body ratio. The placement of the front camera under the display will remove the need for a cut-out or notch on the screen. OPPO has always been a pioneer in introducing industry-first innovations - the in-display fingerprint sensor technology is one such example!

Motorola Razr

We are super excited about this one! Remember the sharp and sleek Motorola Razr that was a rage among the youth? It seems like 2020 will see the phone make a comeback with the all-new model that will have a bendable screen. After Samsung and Huawei, Motorola will become the third company to bring the foldable phone with a bendable screen. Oh and unlike the other two, Motorola does not claim Razr to be a tablet, it is a smartphone!

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LG 2020 UltraFine Ergo display

Another exciting update that’s sure to pique your interest! The LG 2020 UltraFine Ergo display, part of the company’s Ultra series monitors, is specifically made for those working professionals who spend too much time at their desk (that’s most of us today). The monitor comes with an ergonomically advanced arm-type adjustable stand that can extend outwards, can be moved to the eye level or even lowered to the desk. That’s not all - it can also swivel to face the opposite direction. And if that got you impressed, the monitor also comes with a USB-C One Cable solution for 4K imaging, fast data transfers and charging through a single and convenient cable.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

What if we tell you that Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox, is all set to go through a complete makeover in 2020? Yes, that’s true! The Xbox Series X is all set to be launched in the last quarter of 2020 and will have an exclusive set of gaming titles. That’s not all - in terms of design, the console will no longer have a conventional Bluray-like form and will have a tower-shaped design that will resemble a miniature PC. Plus, the performance will be twice as good as the Xbox One X. We are excited, are you?

We can’t wait for these super cool gadgets in 2020, can you?

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