With a fandom so huge and vocal, discussing Game of Thrones is an involuntary action. We bring you instances from Twitterverse to prove it all the same

The third episode came out this week. While one of half of the fandom grumbles over spoilers, the other is revelling over little details. You may belong to either team but one thing you can’t deny — Game of Thrones is a show that deserves lengthy conversations. Here, meet a few people from the Twitterverse who think the same!

There is no escape— not now, not ever

Must watch before reaching office but..

Let the conversation begin

The true Monday blues

Keep spoilers away!

You shall pass with flying colours

Burning questions on my mind

How to make friends as an adult

Theories are meant to be wild!

Everybody loves a warm reunion

Allies are everywhere — watch out!

You know even when you don’t!

Profs are humans too?!

Counting balance sick leaves, aren’t you?

THAT fear of missing out

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Episodes air on a Monday for a reason!

Oh, the sheer horror!

But.. this counts as being productive, no?

Oooh, a scandal?

Reminiscing the good old days

That escalated quick, or did it?